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An ayahuasca retreat and healing center in Ecuador

Through a process of self-exploration, guided by ancestral medicine and connection with nature, learn the lessons and tools that will improve your daily life, relationships and worldview.

Discover who you really are and your place
in this vast and incredible universe.


Led by Taita Alejandro Ayuryü, a certified practitioner of ancestral medicine, Alma Healing Center offers individuals and groups exclusive, safe and authentic Ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies to experience the healing power of ancestral master plants.

Based in Puyo, Ecuador, we generally offer ayahuasca retreats and ayahuasca ceremonies in the community of Sacha Wasi. However, we occasionally offer retreats in other locations across the country. To stay up-to-date, sign up to our newsletter.

All destinations immerse our guests in the surrounding natural environment to ensure close connection with la Pachamama, our earth mother.

Are you happy? When a person is unhappy, something is ailing their soul. If you’ve arrived on this page, perhaps it isn’t due to mere coincidence. It’s time to begin your journey greater to happiness and fulfillment.

We look forward to holding space for you.

Ayahuasca Shaman

A Safe Ayahuasca Experience

While we can try to convince you that we’re trustworthy, you need to hear it from others that have participated in our rituals and ceremonies.

Sacha Wasi Community_Ayahuasca Retreats

15% of Profits Support an Indigenous Community

We work with the Sacha Wasi Community in numerous ways, and the profits gained our retreats are shared with these important partners.

Organize ayahuasca retreats

A Bilingual Team

We offer Spanish-English interpretation to our visitors that don’t speak Spanish. Q&A sessions ensure that all doubts are addressed during your visit.

Restore harmony between your mind, body and spirit.

Our foremost desire is to support your holistic development during and after your time with us.

Ayahuasca Ritual in Ecuador

We offer:

  • 2-5 day Ayahuasca retreats
  • Healing through a variety of medicinal plants, including Ahuacoya (San Pedro), Coca and Cacao
  • Special ceremonies and blessings, such as our Couples’ Blessing Ritual
  • Rituals and ceremonies combined with outdoor activities and connection with nature.
  • Private and tailored retreats upon request
  • Courses in dome construction (used for temezcal), ceremonial instrument making, essential oil distillation, identification and use of medicinal plants and more.

What our guests say

"I do want to highlight that the entire experience is not only about taking ayahuasca tea, but about being in the nature, community and yourself.I can’t wish for more unique, better experience and more amazing people around me."
3 night/4 day retreat
"One of my main concerns when searching for an ayahuasca retreat was safety and trust in those guiding me. I'm so grateful to have met Alejandro. During the retreat I learned how to take life, and myself, a little less seriously, and how to feel connected and revitalized through nature. I highly recommend this retreat for those that see something simple, affordable, safe and authentic."
3 night/4 day retreat
"Alejandro is very inclusive, very gentle; a different kind of shaman. During the ceremony he will definitely step in if you need support and spend as much time as needed to calm you down. I felt very safe and taken care of."
3 night/4 day retreat

Under the guidance of the ancestral, Amazonian cosmovision and its sacred plants, you can heal from your emotional trauma. 

Would you like time to breathe?

Connection with nature through hikes, meditation and by observing plant and wildlife is an integral part of our approach.

Connect with us.

We welcome your questions and interest. Please, contact us today!


Baños, Ecuador


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0985271478 (Ecuador - Claro)

Email Address

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Business Hours

Monday/Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 12am


Most frequent questions and answers about ayahuasca

In Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Colombia, Ayahuasca is highly respected, considered an important part of national heritage and is definitely NOT illegal. It is, in fact, a valuable heritage for all of humankind.

Much more goes on during an Ayahuasca ceremony than vomiting. But the short answer: Probably.

Not everyone feels the need to throw up during a ceremony, but Ayahuasca does tend to cause nausea and some digestive discomfort, so it is quite common to purge either through vomiting or by going #2. In fact, this is considered an important part of the experience since your body needs to release toxins and toxic energy prior to receiving the full power of the medicine.

The strongest effects from drinking Ayahuasca, including the ultra-visionary and purgative effects, occur during the 12-hour ceremony itself.

The plant’s active ingredient remains in the body for around 40 days, during which you will continue to feel, understand and learn from the plant and the ceremony, often through dreams.

The life principles you obtain during the ceremony will last a lifetime. That is, ultimately, the effect of drinking Ayahuasca.

The hard truth is YES. The same way you might die if an anesthesiologist administers too much, or too little, anesthesia.

Like an anesthesiologist, the maimas and taitas that guide you during the ceremony are professionals. Over the course of decades, they have been learning from and administering this medicine.

To someone that is not familiar with the spiritual world, it can be a difficult place to navigate through. Maimas and taitas, your spiritual guides, are completely familiar with this territory; it is their home. And if you were to get frightened during a ceremony, they know how to guide and help you so that you don’t get lost along the way.

Drinking Ayahuaska, or any powerful plant medicine, is to be taken seriously and should be done with the utmost respect. We strongly discourage buying Ayahuaska off the street or internet and drinking it without proper guidance, (spiritual) protection and supervision.

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Free: Stomach Cleanse Recipe
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